Woven & Roman Shades

Bring the outdoors in. Woven woods come in a variety of styles and colors that can only be found in nature.  You can also choose from hundreds of fabric roman shades available in multiple styles.  Customize light control with privacy or blackout liners 

Woven Woods - Privacy

While some woven wood shades have tight weave and don’t need a liner, other fabrics may benefit from a liner for added privacy and light control.  

Privacy liners still allow some light to come through the shade but allow you to retain your privacy. Natural shades are a an excellent choice, regardless of how much privacy or light control you wish to have.

Woven Woods - No Liner

The natural beauty of woven wood shades, sometimes referred to as natural shades, bring the out doors in and allow as much or as little light as you wish.

Woven Woods - Room Darkening

Room darkeing liners allow you the most light control.  You can sleep as late as you want and still wake up looking at nature. You are the master of your windows.

Seamless Roman Shades

Seamless roman shades allow you to dress up any room but still offer a modern look  and are often purchased with no valence for a cleaner look.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Relaxed roman shades offer the benefits of seamless roman shades but instead with a more traditional look and feel.

Classic Flat Roman

Classic flat is the best of both worlds and this is the recommended application for shades you wish to have with a blackout liner.  One thing to keep in mind with classic flat roman shades is they do not lend themselves  to fabrics with patterns.