Are Banded Shades the Next Big Thing?

Over the last several years homeowners have been increasingly seeking window coverings that have clean lines, modern looks and are easy to clean. Roller shades have the go-to product for many retailers and homeowners seeking these traits I their window coverings. While roller shades are a great product, I often hear homeowners lament the lack of light control inherent in any roller shade.

I have often found one of the best solutions for homeowners seeking modern design and versatile light control are banded shades. This style of shade is known by several names, banded shades, dual shades, mezzanine shades, layered shades, and zebra shades are names used to identify this product.

The feature that makes this shade so unique is the use of two fabrics seamed together at intervals. One fabric is a sheer (see-through) material and the other fabric is light filtering or room darkening. The use of two fabrics in one shade allows the home-owner to align the sheer material to allow visibility through the shade or align the light-filtering fabric to provide light control and privacy. Finally, these shades can be raised completely to fit into a 3.5 tall top treatment.

The versatility of banded shades continues in the available operating systems. These shades can be controlled by continuous cord loop, retractable cord or motorization. While these shades can be a little more expensive than some other options, they are not budget busters. If you have questions about this product or if is right for your home please contact us at Bison Blinds.

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