Cellular Shade aka “Honeycomb” shade Pricing Information

If you are looking for an energy efficient window covering look no further than Honeycomb Shades sometimes referred to as a Cellular Shade. Honeycomb shades are the only product in this industry that get a rated R-value. R-value in the product line range from about 4.5 to 5.5 depending on how the shade is made, double cell and blackout configurations generally get a higher R-value than single cell or light filtering, some honeycomb shades will even qualify for a tax credit due their energy savings.

As for versatility, honeycombs have it in spades. This product can be made in a lot of different ways. The honeycomb cell can be made as a double cell, a single cell small(1/2 inch), single cell large (3/4 inch) and single cell extra-large( 1 ¼ inch). This product can be controlled with cordless lift, continues cord loop, or motorized with an internal, rechargeable battery. In addition to all these options, honeycombs can also be made with bottom-up control, bottom up/top-down control and sun up sun down (this is a blackout and light filtering on the same headrail.)

As you can see there are a lot of options in this category, the purpose of this article is to give you a general idea of what to expect when planning your budget for honeycomb shades.

We will show you pricing for “normal” window sizes, keep in mind prices will vary as sizes change. We will show you light filtering and blackout prices for two common window sizes. We will also list out pricing for upgrades such as motorized lift and bottom-up top-down lift. Pricing will be shown in the large (3/4 inch) single cell as it is by far the best seller. The extra-large (1 ¼ inch cell will involve a higher price and fewer color options).

Of note, there are a lot of fabric options in honeycomb and with lots of options comes lots of price tiers. There are 7 price tiers in the category and the ranges are wide. If you know your budget, we can point you to the tiers that will help you choose colors and options stay within your budget parameters.

Prices shown are for cordless lift:

36×72 Light filteringStandard options range from$350.00to$700.00
36×72 BlackoutStandard options range from$425.00to$750.00
72×72 Light filteringStandard options range from$575.00to$1400.00
72×72 BlackoutStandard options range from$625.00to$1500.00
Bottom-up top-down control. $75.00 per shade.
Motorized lift will add about $350 – $450 per shade

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