Wood vs. Composite Shutters

Plantation shutters are a timeless addition to any home. The beauty and craftsmanship on display in shutters never gets old. People often wonder if they should use wood or composite shutters so we thought we would
try to help with that decision.

Roman Shades are Back

Roman shades have gone through stages of varying popularity over the years. Recently (and in large part to HGTV) Roman shades have seen a surge of interest. Many home owners appreciate the versatility of this product, with thousands of fabrics from which to choose, roman shades offer more options than most people expect.

Working from home is here to stay: Window Treatments can help.

The New Home Office: Since March many businesses have learned that remote working is not only possible, it is productive and allows the company to save money. Recently REI announced they would be closing their corporate office and making their operation 100% remote.

Where to begin with Motorized Shades

I have been in the blind and shade business more than six years. When I started in the industry in 2014 motorized shades were a bit of a novelty. This is no longer the case. Every day I answer questions about how to motorize shades in new construction and existing homes. Over the years I […]

Buyer’s Guide for Cordless Shades

More people than ever are interested in cordless shades. They want a clean look that is only available in the absence of cords. Additionally, homeowners are increasingly conscious of safety issues and cordless shades deliver unparalleled safety in an affordable way. I get a lot of questions about the functionality of today’s cordless shades. There […]

Are Banded Shades the Next Big Thing?

Over the last several years home owners have been increasingly seeking window coverings that have clean lines, modern looks and are easy to clean.