Wood Blind Pricing

Wood blinds have been a favorite in window coverings for a long time. Their ability to raise and tilt offer functionality, paired with the light weight and durability of wood, make this product a natural choice for many homeowners. Recent changes to regulations passed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have impacted the way wood blinds can be manufactured. As of June 1, 2024, Cord lock is no longer available to use in window coverings. In practical terms this means all wood blinds will now be made with cordless lift.

Technology for cordless lift systems have made great improvements in recent years and are now available on larger blinds than previously were available. In addition to being available on larger sizes (up to 84 inches wide) they also provide a smoother operation than in years past.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture wood blinds. We partner with manufacturers that do not have a surcharge for cordless lift. It sounds a little strange but there are some companies that will still add a surcharge for a mandatory lift system.

Wood blinds are available in paint and stain. These blinds can be enhanced with a variety of valence options and cloth tape over the route holes. The pricing for the purpose of this piece is to give you a general idea of what to expect for a standard, cordless wood blind in a “normal” size window. We will show you pricing for 36 x 72 and 72 x 72. Prices will vary as sizes and options change.

Wood Blind (paint of stain):

36×72Standard options range from$260.00to$285.00
72×72Standard options range from$525.00to$560.00

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