Unlocking Convenience: Motorized Shade Solutions for Areas without Power Access

Most homeowners don’t think about window coverings when they are in the process of building a new home. Most of the time, window treatments are forgotten until you move in. At this point, many people realize they want motorized shades but didn’t run power to their windows. If you are one of the people, there is no need to worry; we can still motorize your shades.

The window-covering industry has benefited greatly from technological improvements in recent years. The lithium-ion battery is a big deal in window coverings. Because of this amazing technology we now have batteries that are internal, rechargeable, and long-lasting. You never replace them and will only need to charge them about once every 8-10 months.

If you decide you want to add motors to your window coverings and no power is present, internal rechargeable batteries are what we will discuss during your consultation. This solution is available on roller shades, banded shades, sheer shadings, woven woods, fabric roman shades, and honeycomb shades.

There are several different types of motors available to use on your project. The window size will be a big piece of the decision on which motors we use; larger windows require larger motors. Of course, your plans to integrate the motors with automation devices will also play a role in which motor we select. Finally, your tolerance for noise will impact which motors we choose. All motors are quiet, but some are downright silent.

You will of course want to know how much motors add to the cost of the project.

Because there are several options and your needs will determine where we land, we can’t give you an exact price. We can, however, give you the range of what motors cost.

Motors range from:
$145.00 Shades up to 90 Sq feet limited automation options
$325.00 Shades up to 50 Sq feet Robust automation options
$400.00 Shades up to 90 sq feet Robust automation options
$600.00 Shades up to 145 sq feet Robust automation options

These prices are for the motor only, you will need to budget this cost in addition to the price of the shade.

There are additional charges for remotes and chargers, but you need far fewer remotes and chargers than you do motors. Remotes and chargers cost about $30.00 each.

Please note these square footage estimates are approximate. The materials vary in weight which will impact the need for a larger motor than the square footage example suggests.
The heavier materials are generally blackout fabrics, woven woods, and fabric roman shades with blackout liners.

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