Composite Shutters: What types are there and why does it matter?

Composite shutters are a durable option that are a great solution for garages and bathrooms. When shopping for composite (faux) shutters keep in mind they are not all created equal. Composite shutters can be divided into three broad categories. These categories are as follows.

Hollow Core PVC

The least expensive composite shutter is a product called “Hollow Core PVC”. These shutters are lightweight and inexpensive. They are made of PVC material that is lightweight and thin. The slats and frames are hollow to save weight and cost. These shutters stand up to water, moisture, dust, and debris very well. You will find the color options are limited and tilt functions are fragile. Due to the fragile nature of this product, it is not something we sell at Bison Blinds. We would be glad to refer you to a retailer who can provide you with great service and installation for this product if it is what you are looking for.

MDF Wrap

The next type of composite (faux shutter) is called an “MDF Wrap”. This shutter is manufactured using compressed MDF and wrapping it in a vinyl coating. These shutters are durable and heavy. The tilt mechanism is sturdy and well made, they look great and hold up to heavy use well. Moisture can be a problem for this type of construction and this is why Bison Blinds will not sell a product consisting of this type of material.

Fully Extruded, Reinforced Composite

The final type of composite shutter is a “Fully Extruded, Reinforced Composite”. This product is exactly what it sounds like, the frames and slats are made of fully extruded composite material. The frames and slats are also reinforced with aluminum tubing and dowels. This construction method gives us a very strong, durable product. An important note is that fully extruded composite shutters are heavy. These shutters weigh about 50% more than wood shutters and are extremely durable. Water, moisture, dust, dirt, and debris will have no impact on this shutter. We have numerous color options as this material can be painted to match your wood shutters. At Bison Blinds, this is the only kind of composite shutter we choose to sell based on the reasons reviewed in this article. Similarly to the other products sold by Bison Blinds, this shutter will have a lifetime warranty and it is a great option for those seeking shutters in a garage or bathroom to accompany the wood shutters through their home, keeping a uniform look to the street.

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