Wood vs. Composite Shutters

Plantation shutters are a timeless addition to any home. The beauty and craftsmanship on display in shutters never gets old.

People often wonder if they should use wood or composite shutters so we thought we would
try to help with that decision.

Let’s start with composite shutters. First, we need to know what composite shutters means. In the industry this is a broad term that can mean fully extruded composite, MDF wrapped in a composite, or hollow PVC. When you are considering composite shutters it is important to know what you are looking at. Most window covering professionals have a couple of different composite options so be sure and ask which product you are being shown.

Graber Shutter Refresh

Composite shutters absolutely have a place in custom window coverings and it is naive to dismiss them. Generally speaking (but not always) composite shutters should come with a lower price point. They are also extremely durable and will have a long life cycle regardless of the environment you put them in. We often recommend composite shutters for garages, bathrooms or above the kitchen sink. Their ability to stand up to fluctuating temperatures and high humidity (or in the case of fully extruded composite, being fully submerged in water) make them ideal for these kinds of applications.

On the down side composite shutters are often heavier than wood and come in only a handful of colors. Additionally, getting arches or french doors made using composite shutters can be difficult or cause a much longer time in productions.

Wood shutters tend to come in a large variety of colors and can even be made with custom paint or custom stain. If you are looking at arches, eyebrows or french doors wood shutters are a great choice as the nature of wood makes those shapes and cutouts easier and faster to manufacturer. Because wood shutters can be made in custom paint or stain you have the option of matching the paint on a wood shutter to your homes trim, or anything else you want.

While wood shutters generally cost more than their composite counterparts they are still a favorite at Bison Blinds because of the great versatility of that woofers in this product. Their weight make them easier to handle and the ability to use them in specialty shapes cannot go unnoticed. Finally the ability to create a custom stain or paint match on wood makes them capable of fitting in any design pallet.

In the end composite shutters are a great product at a great price but you can’t replace the authentic beauty and versatility of natural wood.

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