Working from home is here to stay: Window Treatments can help.

The New Home Office:

Since March many businesses have learned that remote working is not only possible, it is productive and allows the company to save money. Recently REI announced they would be closing their corporate office and making their operation 100% remote. The employee benefits of remote working add up pretty quickly. Think of the savings on wardrobe, automobiles, fuel, meal expenses and the high blood pressure medication that is a result of spending two hours a day in traffic. A company with a large remote work force doesn’t need to spend tons of money on real estate, property taxes, utilities, maintenance and more…it is the definition of a win-win

In years past the home office was a luxury item for most Americans, but in a world with Covid we are all using home offices now. As we attend conference calls on Zoom we are learning about the importance of background lighting. I have seen more people that look like they are in witness protections than I ever thought possible.

As many Americans accept that remote working can be (probably will be) a long-term solution we are examining our home office spaces and attempting to make it more functional. Most of the rooms we are now using as a home office have a window or two, but they may (or may not) have adequate window treatments. Bison Blinds is here to make your home office more functional. If you have a window behind your computer, you may be finding that glare or heat is a problem.

We can use room darkening or blackout shades to alleviate this problem, if you really want to dress it up, we can add motorized office shades to your home and you can have full control of your environment without leaving your chair. You home office is no longer a space where you spend a few minutes on the weekend wrapping up loose ends, it is now a staple of your work life. If you would like some help making this space more comfortable and more functional we are here to help with Blinds, shades, shutters and motorized treatments.

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