Roller Shade Pricing

Roller shade have become a favorite of Oklahoma homeowners in recent years. Roller shades account for approximately 40% of all window coverings we sell and install. We find people like roller shades for their durability, easy cleaning, wide range of control options and numerous color as well as texture options. In addition, roller shades are one of the best solutions for wide windows. Some roller shade materials can be made up to 12 feet wide. There are not a lot of options in window coverings that will allow for one shade to cover such a large space. With that in mind, you might be wondering how much does this product costs. There are a lot of variables in this product that impact price.

Common pricing variables include.

  • Fabric selection: There are between 8 and 10 fabric “price groups” in most roller shade collections. Fabric weight, opacity, roll width and popularity impact how that fabric is priced.
  • Control type: Roller shades come standard with continuous cord loop as well as tug and release cordless. Adding motorization will impact price, (See our article on motor pricing). Utilizing a zero-gravity cordless lift system will increase price, although not as much as motors.
  • Top treatment: Open roll is always considered a base price. We use a manufacturer that considers board mounted valences, curved cassettes, and modern cassettes as a standard feature. There is a surcharge for a metal fascia.
    NOTE: some manufacturers add a surcharge for any top treatment addition.
  • Size: In the world of window coverings, size always matters. The pricing listed in this article will be for “standard” window sizes. We will price a 36 x 72 and a 72 x 72 inch window.

Pricing Ranges:

36×72Standard options range from$225.00to$425.00
72×72Standard options range from$391.00to$820.00

Adding a zero-gravity cordless lift system will generally add about $50.00 per shade.

We hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation please contact our office at 405-541-9308.

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